Topo Maps :: Upgrading to version 1.5

Two problems have been identified when upgrading to Topo Maps version 1.5.

App fails to start when hundreds of maps are installed

If you currently have Topo Maps version 1.4 and have installed hundreds of maps, you may find that version 1.5 fails to start. You would see a gray screen for about 20 seconds, and then be returned to the home screen. You may see this effect every time you try to start the app, or only sometimes.

It is unclear how many maps will trigger the problem, but one user reports that with just over 200 maps he sometimes sees the problem. If you have a newer device with a faster processor, you can probably install more.

Your options are:

App fails to start if version 1.0 was originally installed

This problem has the same symptom as the above problem, but only affects users who originally purchased Topo Maps version 1.0 in March. This issue does not affect anyone who first used a later version of the app.

Topo Maps version 1.5 is not compatible with maps downloaded with version 1.0. When version 1.5 starts, it attempts to delete any of these old maps. The problem is that this process can take longer than anticipated, with the result that iPhone OS decides that the app has locked up and kills it.

If you first bought Topo Maps version 1.0 in March, your options are as follows:

Please don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions about this.