Topo Maps :: Beta

A new app, provisionally called simply Topo Maps 2, is currently in development. Ultimately this app will replace the existing app, but they will co-exist for the time being.

A test version of the new app is now available to anyone who has the current Topo Maps or Topo Maps for iPad installed. The test version is distributed using an Apple system called TestFlight. To get started, Click Here. (If you are subsequently asked to enter a code or link, come back here and click the same link again.)

Please try it out and send your feedback. But do please read the notes below!

The new app will include significant new features, many of which have been frequently requested over the years, including:

Much of this functionality is shared with my other apps for the UK and New Zealand. See below for some preliminary screenshots.

Release Notes

Setptember 23, 2023 - build 23660

New features in this version:

Bug fixes include issues crashes when the system language is set to something unusual, e.g. Chinese.

Setptember 13, 2023 - build 23611

New features in this version:

Bug fixes include issues when US Topo and traditional topo maps are adjacent, and crashes when US Topo, traditional topos, and imagery are all shown simultaneously.

Setptember 1, 2023 - build 23559

This is another bug fix related to downloads. If you previously found that the "Synchronize Terrain" button or other downloads failed, please update and try again.

August 30, 2023 - build 23551

This update is a bug fix; the previous version was downloading more terrain data than necessary.

August 28, 2023 - build 23533

This update has the following new features:

July 28, 2023 - build 23331

First beta release.

Important Notes about the test version

How to send your feedback

It's probably best to send your feedback by email. Please attach a screenshot if you think it will help describe what you are seeing.

TestFlight does provide a couple of mechanisms to send feedback. If the app crashes, you can send the crash report along with a description; you can also send screenshots. Note that if you use either of these features I probably don't see your email address, so I have no way of replying. Consider putting your email address in your comments.

What to look for

I would especially appreciate feedback about any of the following:

Known Issues

The following are areas where I know that work is required before release; you don't need to send detailed reports about these:

How the TestFlight Beta Test works

The app that you install using TestFlight will work much like an app installed from the App Store, except that it will expire and cease to work after about 90 days. When I release updated test versions you should be notified that they are available; they may be installed automatically if you have enabled that in the TestFlight app.

Eventually, when the final version is ready you'll be able to install that from the App Store. Note that I believe there is no automatic notification about that from the TestFlight system, as far as I can tell.

I have not yet decided on the business model for the new app. It may include a subscription element. It won't be free.


All subject to change.

Sugarloaf Island 2.5 m/pixel imagery
Icefields Parkway 10 m/pixel imagery
Mount Assiniboine hybrid mode
Grand Canyon hybrid mode
Map download selection grid
The new roads-and-cities basemap.
Yosemite Valley in 3D.
Eldorado Peak (Cascades) in 3D.
Pacific Crest Trail GPX route up Mount Whitney, in 3D.
Panorama mode view of Mount Assiniboine from Nub Peak (BC).
Measure Mode - distance rings and distance and bearing below.